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Slann Mage Priest w/ Higher State, Focused Rumination + Plaque of Tepok and Obsidian Amulet
2x19 Block of Saurus with Musician and Standard
2x10 Skink Skirmishers
3x7 Chameleon Skinks
3x Salamander with 4 handlers

So here's the thought behind the list...

For the Slann, the idea is to pretty much make him impossible to kill while giving him access to 5 spells. The key is that he has to come in under 375 to be square with the points. I don't want to run him in a unit of Temple Guard cause that's just more expensive. Intent is to run with Lore of Life and cast the Throne of Vines... then buff my other units. Once playing higher points, I can see adding in stuff like cupped hands but for the points, I think he's about as optimized as I'll get him.

For the troops - given that I'm not rich with points, I don't see the need to make them a large unit. The plan is to use magic to buff them up to make them better in CC and focus on winning combat.

Also, in order to make them a larger unit, I'd have to give up the skirmishers... which I'm not keen to do... I see the skirmishers having a better role as shooters and threatening the flank attack.

The Chameleon skinks are there to be warmachine hunters and a general pain in my opponent's ass in his backfield.

Salamanders are there to spit fire... nuff said...

Any obvious flaws in my thinking?
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