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only a few thoughts (none which completely destroy the idea of the list which happens so often on forums xD)

1) you're giving the slann magic items which are substantially poorer than the discipline version of the abilities granted.
focus of mystery would give you every spell in a chosen lore and unfathomable presence confers magic resistance(3)
in return for this i would suggest dropping higher state of consciousness because he'll likely be sat in a unit.

2) your saurus should be in units of 20 if you only want small ones, since it means you have more ranks before you start combat.

3) you, in my opinion, have too many chameleon skinks. when backed up by regular skink skirmishers (of which you have fewer) it'll be overkill on the units they're effective against. Against armies which don't have much weak to blowpipes (eg bretonnian) you will have wasted nearly 400 points.

however I do think that the list is good, just got to rethink the number of things in each unit mainly :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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