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1500 List Ultra

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Cato 200


2 ten man tac squads with melta + Flamer 350

1 ten man tac squad with melta + flamer + PF + teleport homer 215


Sternguard 5man 125

Termi 5 man w/ cyclone missle launcher 230

Venerable Dread w/ TLHF 165

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad 5 man w/ 2 LasC, 1 missle, 1 HB 190

Vindicator w/ siege shield 125

Predator w/ TLL, HBSS 130

Just started playing ultra usually play CSM so i'm all ears for suggestions.​
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Given your tourney rules, I would remove your Vindicator & Predator, add a 10-Man Assault Squad, and either a bike squad (with attack bike) and some scouts.

This will add a big speed element to your army. Too bad you can bring in Land Raiders....

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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