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1500 List Ultra

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Cato 200


2 ten man tac squads with melta + Flamer 350

1 ten man tac squad with melta + flamer + PF + teleport homer 215


Sternguard 5man 125

Termi 5 man w/ cyclone missle launcher 230

Venerable Dread w/ TLHF 165

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad 5 man w/ 2 LasC, 1 missle, 1 HB 190

Vindicator w/ siege shield 125

Predator w/ TLL, HBSS 130

Just started playing ultra usually play CSM so i'm all ears for suggestions.​
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Soory forgot to add turney set up, But Cato is standing alone as all Hq's are required didn't add in rhinos cause all transports are free to take but lanraiders are forbbiden two much weight on an iced lake so are pods as they come down two hard. Dreads are fine just no more than a three inch movement restriction. Las Cannons Are Iffy cause we have to roll a 4+ to stay at optimal temp or lake cracks tank is gone and all six inches from center. flamers just require a 2+ be cause its so cold the melt refreezes fast.
crazy. are you allowed to have two special weapons in your tac squads? i usually cant ;)

sorry your right i can't read it wrong. rep for you, for catching my error.
Given your tourney rules, I would remove your Vindicator & Predator, add a 10-Man Assault Squad, and either a bike squad (with attack bike) and some scouts.

This will add a big speed element to your army. Too bad you can bring in Land Raiders....

Hope this helps.

It did your right! i investigated the scenario indepth i cant take any tanks except rhino's and razorbacks. jump packs use fire to lift off penalize in movement there noone is able to jump. speeders are ok though cause anti grav field. so all Eldar and Tau can use tanks.
Probably swictch my list to white scars and bike it up.
not yet but i'll get a copy and post it on your blog? if thats ok with you?
cool... I think it would be a fun senario to play... and all I'd need for terrain was a white sheet :)
We actually painted a meadow terrain with sky and dark blue base threw on light coat of snow and perm down the snowy look with highlight of blood splater (some actuall got hurt and noone saw it till after it was sprayed with clear coat)
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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