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He everyone!
In a few days i'll be facing a buddy of mine with tau.
He's been beaten by everyone so far in the league and has now switched to cheese and tau....
I'll be facing 2 or 3 riptides and one of them bein the forgeworld model.
So to counter-act this cheese here's my list.

Conclave of the burning one
-cryptek with veil
-cryptek with solar staff

Canoptek harvest
-3 wraiths with whips
-5 scarab bases

18 warriors and a ghost ark
The deceiver
2 spyders with repair tools

1500 points

The idea was to keep the conclave hidden and deepstrike them first turn in his face while the harvest flanks and the spyders make more bases. The warriors with szeras wil stay close to the harvest so they can benefit from the +1 to rp from szeras. The deceiver wil be going close to the conclave for support and the 12 inch bubble of dread.
My buddy plays farsight enclave so i'll be facing a lot of suits.

What are your thoughts everyone?
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