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1500 High elves

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Caradryan 175

Lvl2 mage [seer staff, dispell scroll] 185
lvl2 mage [Ring of fury, Silverwand] 185

20 Lothern sea guard with shields, full command 285

8 Shadow warriors 124
15 sword masters, full command[bladelord has talisman of loec] 315
Banner of sorcery

Repeater Bolt thrower 100
Repeater Bolt thrower 100

first list with the new army book, some stuff i'm unsure of, as i would normally have more fast stuff in the list like chariots, but i didn't seem to have the points and felt that the banner of sorcery would help my magical offensive
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Wow, that does seem to be a rather tight package. I figured to see some Dragon Princes or maybe White Lions in a list this size...

The list definetly has magic potential (bound spells/banner) for 1500pts, but I'm concerned that the army will be outmaneuvered too quickly to really be effective against faster armies. Most armies will have 50-100% more models/units than you do... Even with ASF, that does not bode well, considering that chariots, cavalry, and other faster units (Move5/6) will have a fairly easy time contacting your flanks.

Well, these are my concerns, at least. Have you given it a test game?
For smaller lists, that looks pretty good.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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