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1500 High elves

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Caradryan 175

Lvl2 mage [seer staff, dispell scroll] 185
lvl2 mage [Ring of fury, Silverwand] 185

20 Lothern sea guard with shields, full command 285

8 Shadow warriors 124
15 sword masters, full command[bladelord has talisman of loec] 315
Banner of sorcery

Repeater Bolt thrower 100
Repeater Bolt thrower 100

first list with the new army book, some stuff i'm unsure of, as i would normally have more fast stuff in the list like chariots, but i didn't seem to have the points and felt that the banner of sorcery would help my magical offensive
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Id cut the swordmasters for something else. if your going to have a small army have some knights or chariots to guard your flanks or mess with their plans. the more different types of units you are playing the more complex their strategies to beat you will have to be.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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