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Well, since the list currently does have 4 HS choices in it you will need to drop one to make it legal. Might as well be a Fire Prism, as all you really need with those is 2.

It looks like you have that Falcon lined up for the Harlies and possibly Eldrad (though he may be hitching a ride with Dire Avengers). If this is the case then you probably won't be needing a Shadowseer. Granted he would still be of service so you don't just get caught in the open after winning a round of combat, but you are not likely to sweep through a unit with a squad that size. In all likelihood, if they survive you will be able to Hit and Run your way around without relying on the Shadowseer.

While it is important to note that the BL of a Falcon isn't twin-linked, it does allow you three S 8 AP 2 shots from that gunboat.

Also, with the inclusion of a Shadowseer your Troops become more in need of a Transports protection than your Elite does.

Blade Storm is fine, people tend to forget you don't have to use it until you need it.
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