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alright, I normally play Necron's but this new codex has got me all excited. This noob needs advice for building his casual blood angels army. This is what I think thus far.

Astorath the Grim, 220pts
Death Company Tycho, 175pts

Chaplain w/jump pack, 125pts
Furioso Dreadnought w/twin blood fists & Magna Crappler, 140pts
2 Sanguinary Priests w/jump packs, 150pts

Assault Squad: 10 marines, 190pts
Assault Squad: 10 marines, 190pts
Death Company: 5 Death Company, 100pts

Dedicated Transport=90pts
Death Company Razorback w/TL Lascannon, 90pts

Fast Attack= 100pts
Attack Bike Squad: 2 Attack Bikes w/ 2xmulti-melta, 100pts

TOTAL= 1495
Since I'll just be using this for casual gaming I'm just trying to be creative. The idea is, the two Assault squads are each accompanied by a Sanguinary Priests. One squad gets Astorath while the other gets the Chaplain thus both receive the effects of the Liturgies of Blood and Honour of the Chapter special rules. The assault is supported by the Furioso and Melta Bikes for defense against anything the Assault Squads can't handle. Meanwhile the death company accompanied with Tycho use the razorback to get near whatever it is they wanna kill. (I decided on the twin linked Las to perhaps provide heavy support for the Death company but again I don't play Blood Angles; I don't know) But feed back is needed!!!
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