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1500 Eldar

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Autarch: 120
Swooping Hawk Wings, Fusion Gun, Power Sword, Mandiblaster


8 Striking Scorpions + Exarch: 145


10 Dire Avengers + Exarch: 152
Extra Shuriken Catapult, Bladestorm

10 Dire Avengers + Exarch: 164
Power Weapon + Shimmershield, Defend

Wave Serpent: 120
Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stones

Fast Attack
8 Swooping Hawks + Exarch: 210
Sunrifle, Skyleap

2 Vypers: 120
2 Shuriken Cannons

2 Vypers: 120
2 Shuriken Cannons

Heavy Support:
4 Dark Reapers: 140

Fire Prism: 175
Spirit Stones, Holofield, Vectored Engines

Total: 1466

That leaves me with 44 points to mess around with. Please, rip this list apart.
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i think you need a wraithlord, not a fire prism...considering you haven't got any awesome combateers..scorpions, fine, i love em!
i've never taken hawks, but they might suit your tactics so all good there. ah, i see they fit with your autarch?
looks like a fast army, looks good and solid.
i just think you need something heavy to accompany your scorpions and avengers
good job! test it and see how it flows
ah, i see.
with wraithsight, ive never got it, so dont worry so much about it, but if your unsure, follow your instinct and tactics
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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