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Hello all:

Below is my latest 1500 point list.


Bloodthirster, greater reward, exalted reward (portalglyph) -- 300
Great Unclean One, 2x greater rewards, 3x psyker level -- 280


10 bloodletters, bloodreaper with lesser reward, icon , instrument -- 135
19 bloodletters, bloodreaper with lesser reward -- 205
10 plaguebearers, plagueridden with lesser reward, icon, instrument -- 125


9 flesh hounds -- 144
8 flesh hounds -- 128


Soulgrinder, nurgle, pleghm -- 180

This comes to 1497 points. The thinking is to deepstrike the two smaller troop units with the icons and instruments and use them to deepstrike without scatter the larger group of bloodletters and the great unclean one. The soulgrinder will sit in cover and shoot. The flesh hounds will charge forward (after their scout move) and try to draw fire away from the bloodthirster. The portalglyph will pump out troops to get objectives or keep faster enemy units away from the soulgrinder.

The overall thinking is to get into the enemy backfield as soon as possible. It relies, of course, on both smaller troop units coming in on the same turn, ideally. My opponent plays eldar and tends to sit back and shoot, so this is my attempt to crush his list without mercy.

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