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Yea, toss the PCS Chimera, let them ride in a Vendetta. Toss the Manticore and buy Autocannons for the Infantry Squads and try to squeeze in a single Commissar with a Power Weapon. Also, a SWS with Flamers is cheap and can go into the other Vendetta (you probably can't afford the Demo, but its not a big deal). This has yet to fail me as a great means of expanding scoring units to hold my objectives, while leaving the Vets to take ground.

At 1500, the Manticore is just too vulnerable, I feel. Those points are best spent elsewhere. If you have points left, consider the LR Demolisher of the LRBT - very strong at 1500 points! With all that said, I figure you should go for Meltas in the CCS to save points and I think you should come in at 1500 just about on the money with those changes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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