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1500 competitive

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Ok, so for this list I'm going to try to make a formidable list that can take all comers and be augmented to be playable at higher point levels. This way I dont need to worry about what models to bring and I wont have to paint all my models (i swear they are like coat hangers, you leave them alone and they multiply) since I'm currently doing work experience.

Anyway, let's get to the list already..


power weapon, razorback, 2x combi-flamer

Tactical squad-215
meltagun, ML, razorback

Tactical squad-215
meltagun, ML, razorback

heavy flamer, drop pod




The plan is for the missile combat squads and the autolas to provide fire support while the razors and vindis move forward. Pedro rolls with the sternguard so they are my strongest cc squad ( but i really dont want them in cc, pedro might break off when they exit the razor and assault something to stop it assualting me). The ironclad drops in as a suckerpunch to put my opponent reeling so my army can move up unmolested.

Leaves me with 175 points to spend, maybe some scouts in a LSS? they proved themselves last game by winning cc against 5 chaos marines with a pf and +1 ini (MoS) and +2 strength (the crazy doctor HQ, forgot his name now). They managed to contest the objective and win me the game, but i may have gotten very lucky (cerebus launcher helped though).

anyway, aside from scouts in a LSS so options i can think of are:
an assault squad (moves up behing the advancing armour and counter charges anything that tries to get into cc with my combat squads)
sniper scouts, maybe with telion? (to infiltrate in and snipe out any power weapons/fists/meltas etc)

any other suggestions? Would my battle plan work?
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the only problem is i dont have a spare dread, and i want a full WYSIWYG army so i can use it in tournaments. I have 1 typhoon and 1 with a multi-melta (still need to find a HF for it), but buying 1 or 2 more typhoons might not break the bank, but i want to try to keep spending to a minimum, and to know for sure what i NEED to have to make a list that functions well against the metagame.

As far as my battle plan goes, do you see any flaws? would this actually be an opportunity for assault marines to be useful? is what i have so far viable?
The melta combat squads go in the razorbacks, with the MLs staying behind. I agree, maybe TLLC for the razorbacks, but then would it make more sense to bring a dakka pred, since i dont want to sink all my points into lascannons and then get molested by a horde army. maybe I should keep the autolas and swap out for some flamers or combi-flamers? Or is this not necessary as the vindis are there and can deal with crowds as well?

decisions, decisons.... time to ask the audience! (or the online community)
aside from pedro, there are no fists in my army, and im considering removing the power weapon to make room for 2 land speeder typhoons. I can see you point with the 3rd tactical squad, but i have tried that several times, and (this is probably down to my play style) I find that 3 tacticals become rather unwieldy. This list already has 5 scoring units, but maybe a potential 7 scoring units will be useful, playtesting will give me an answer. Don't ignore the humble combat squad, as many of my oppenents have learnt. They have taken down everything from gretchin to daemon princes in cc, I find that a charge from even 5 normal marines and 5 bolt pistol shots can do a fair bit of damage, especially if they strike first. In my last game, my combat squads shut down the rush of chaos marines who had MoS and +1strength from fabius bile, and i was receiving the charge.

I like the ironclad, but 20 points for 2 missiles is a bit much, and in my last game i tried it. I rolled two 2's -.-, and the vindis can hurt MEG, as well as the ironclad in cc (actually he can hurt just about anything).

I am actually considering utilising my assault marine idea, but with vanguard veterans (no, i have not yet gone insane, but im getting there) with jump packs hiding behind the advancing razors to pre-emptively assault anything that looks nasty. if i gave them the sternguard's powersword that would be 8 no save attacks on the charge, along with 12 normal attacks.

thanks for the advice, keep it coming. Also battle plans are welcome, as well as criticisms of my current plan.
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