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1500 Chaos Marines - Competitive

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Hi everyone. I just started up with Chaos Space Marines a couple of months ago, but I feel like I’ve played enough battles to have a decent handle on the fundamentals of the army. Here’s the list that I used during my last few games.

In general I like the way my army plays but at the same time I’m not doing as well as I do with my other “main” armies (Blood Angels and Eldar). It’s hard to describe why. Shooty armies tend to focus-fire my important units down before I can reach them, or dedicated assault armies overwhelm my comparatively smaller assault capability. Maybe I also suffer from having very few models in play.

Please feel free to recommend any changes you can think of or build up a new list from scratch. I’m looking to try some major changes to the list just to see how new ideas would work out in practice. Fluff isn’t really a big concern for me. I would be open to swapping out my Tzeentch Prince for a Lash Prince, but the meta-game around my local club is so mech heavy that Lash hasn’t worked out for me in the past.


Daemon Prince – Wings, Mark of Tzeentch, Warptime, Wind of Chaos


6 Chosen – 5 Meltaguns


8 Berzerkers – Champion, Power Fist
Rhino – Extra Armour

7 Plague Marines – 2 Meltaguns, Champion, Power Fist
Rhino – Havoc Launcher

7 Plague Marines – 2 Meltaguns, Champion, Power Fist
Rhino – Havoc Launcher

Heavy Support

2 Obliterators

2 Obliterators
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I agree that you should leave out the Lash Prince but I would change your Prince for one with Mark of Nurgle, Wings and Warptime. This will free up 30 points

Then ditch the Havoc Launchers on the Rhinos as they wont last two turns anyways and hopefully you will be popping smoke on the first turn... And get rid of the Extra Armour on the Zerkers ride too... Another 45 points freed...

This gives you another Obliterator... One you can have on his own to Deepstrike in and Melta something or make one of the other squads a little larger.. I would have 2,2 and 1 but its a preference thing..
I'd change the prince to nurgle and switch the berzerkers for more plague marines and you'd be solid then.
You going to say that to Kharns face? :)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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