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Keep your Princes cheap and effective:

Daemon Prince - 155
Warptime, Wings

Give your Rhinos Extra Armour, and drop the T-L Bolters

Rhino - 50
Extra Armour

I would probably suggest some anti-tank. Either more Obliterators or some of these:

Predator Tank - 165
Lascannon Sponsoons, TL-LC
Vindicator - 145
Daemonic Possession
(Wouldn't suggest running this as a single, They go well in doubles)

Defiler - 150
(Again, Run in twos)

Other than that; You could try replacing the CSM; With either KBs or PMs, and giving them a Land Raider.. But I'd play safe and just add some HS, Then you should be fine.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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