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Hi guys phase 2 of the campaign I'm in starts tomorrow eve, these are the campaign rules. 1500 single Cad only, no super heavy, flyers count as skimmers. We have 3 characters to use. It's chaos and orcs vs imperials.

Character names and layout.
Fumosus sorcerer lord and seer of the terror lords fleet. 145
(Familiar, lvl2, Sig(4++)bike)

Lanius Chaos, juggernaut warlord of the terror lords (butcher) 170
(MoK, juggernaut, AoBF, Sig(4++).)

Jagger, lord executioner of the "blood soaked hands" raptor cult 145
(MoS, jump pack, Sig(4++) and "blade of the relentless")

So this is my list.

1500 point campaign CAD "strike fast"

Jump sorc Lvl2 BboS familiar 145 probably go biomancy or heretic
Jagger (Lord, MoS, jump pack, Sig(4++) and "blade of the relentless")145

Cultists flamer 55
CSM Rhino flamer 115

Hellbrute plasma cannon 110

Fast Attack
5 Nurgle Spawn 180
10 Raptors MoS banner of excess 1 melta 1 flamer,lightning claw melta bomb 265
3 bikes 1 melta 1 flamer 85

Heavy Support
Sicaran 135
Obliterater 70
Defiler 195
Total 1500

Any advice or criticism is most welcome
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