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Hey all.

The tournament for my local shop is afoot and My 1k list was submitted. I'm quite happy with it.
Now, the next step is a 1500 /2k army ( end goal is 3k). I love beastmen and their ambush rules, however I decided to forgo that this time around and aim for something with a lighting strike feel.
This army was designed to take on the Dwarf and Ogre opponents that I might face. It's supposed to feel like the first charge of an encroaching army (the army of 3k that is posted here )

I'm wary of 'chariot only' armies, but this one has a lot of 'ka-pow' to it...and will be at least fun to see in action. Win or lose. *notes in green*

1500 point list.

Chariot heavy.

Lord :
Beastlord: Tuskagor Chariot. Hunting spear. Ramhorn Helm. Charmed Shield. Heavy Armor. Dawnstone. Gouge Tusks. 341 points
Total: 341 This lord is meant to lead the attack as well as provide some artillery fire with 'the hunting spear'. any attacks will most likely not do well vs the armor and provide him with retaliation & armor piercing. + a ward save to boot! In 2k I'll up him to a razorgor chariot, sadly I can't fit it in this point limit.

Slugtounge: 190 bringing the magic and A-bomb.
Wargor: BSB, Heavy Armor, Gnarled Hide, Enchanted Shield, Protection Ward: 136 a tough durable BSB. Most likely will go in the Bestigor crowd.

Total 326


Tuskagor Chariots x2: 160 1/2 of the chariot rush.
Ungor Raiders x9 + musicians: 57 screening unit and some light ranged attacks
Ungor Raiders x9 + musicians: 57 most likely a screening group...however if there is a TON of artillery, they will become ambushers
Ungor Spearmen x29 +SB & Musician: 183 slugtounge goes here. They are not meant to do huge damage, rather hold lines and provide CR. Deployed in 6x5 formation

in 2k, a unit of centigors w/ Ghorros (to make them core) will help with mobility and power.

Total: 445


Razorgor Chariot a hard hitter, hopefully outflank the enemy and sow confusion. Not meant to strike solo, but as part of a larger chariot charge
Harpies x5: 55 to take on warmachines and other tasks.
Bestigors x13 +SB& Musician: 174 The solid part of the line. BSB will be here. I'd love to beef them up, but can't get the points in this size army. In 2k, they will be beefed up.
in 2 k, possibly some minotaurs and Razorgors running amok
Total: 374

Total army cost 1498

Not a ton of models on the board, but something that could be VERY fun to play. A big break from my usual ambushing armies.
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