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Here is a revision of the thread http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=66524 where I was trying to work out a 1k beastman army. Due to the % size of the Lords/ I could not fit the ideal Doombull/ slugtounge combo that I loved

Here is a revised army list at 1500 that would enable me to see that army come to reality.

Doombull. 360 pts
Gnarled hide, Brass Cleaver, Ramhorn helm, Dawnstone, enchanted shield, Ironcurse icon, Heavy Armor. BSB
1+ armor save (rerolling all failed saves) and getting a free attack at base strength against any unit in base contact and that failed to penetrate his armor

Heros: total 306

Slugtounge: 190
(regen, lvl 2 shaman, poison attacks, curse of famine fiend aka: a-bomb)

Wargor. 110
Gnarled hide, heavy armor, shield, AHW.
just a leader to help out the ungor block w/ his ld 8 and general to let the Doombull be the BSB

CORE: 477

Gor Herd: 23 + SB&Musician: 212 (Wargor will join this group)
Ungor: spear block (23) 153 (slugtounge will join this group)
Ungor Raider: 10 (w/ musician) 63
Ungor Raider 10 (w/ Musician) 63

Special: 364
Bestigors: 16 +banner of swiftness = 219
*doombull will lead this group adding his 6+ ward against warmachines
Razorgor chariot: 145

I like the feel of this army. However, there are a few things that I'm unsure about.

#1 I would like to add the 'razor' banner to the bestigors for armor piercing, but can't get the 30 points.

#2: not sure about the Razorgor Chariot. Does it count into the % for the 'heroes' or in special?

#3 should I ditch the razorgor chariot and add more to each unit, making some 'hordes' and possibly some warhounds? If i did, would there be hard hitting units left?

#4 with the build my wargor has, he could be the BSB, and allow for a magical banner. Could be interesting...

I feel that this would be a great list for 1k, but at 1500, it might be lacking hard hitting units. That gorebull will be rampaging through the battle-field and his sped up bestigors as well.

Thank you for all your help in the previous thread and as always, open to suggestions.

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I've recently only started Beastmen, but I notice a few problems.

First, you can only have one copy of each Gift of Chaos, meaning that you can't have Gnarled Hide on both the Doombull and Wargor.

Secondly, I believe it also says that only a Gorebull or Wargor can be the BSB, which means your Doombull couldn't have it.

To answer your question concerning the Razorgor Chariot, it only counts toward your special points unless a character is riding it. If a character is riding, then it counts toward the Lord/Hero slot.

Hope this helps.

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thanks Iceman *teethsnap*

I'll probably add 'many limbed fiend' or something to the wargor and make him the BSB. This will enable me to add a magic banner to him and make the Bestigor/doombull unit less of a magnet for ranged attacks, spells
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