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Where would you guys reccomend placing a KFF Mek in a kan line? I only took the BW to protect him. Wouldn't he be vulnerable to blast markers if I put him with the boyz?
No more so than the rest of the boyz he's running with. Independent characters who have joined a squad can't be picked out as individual targets, so that gives him some safety. Unfortunately, large mobs are ALWAYS going to be somewhat vulnerable to blast markers, unless they're in a transport.

Am I right in thinking that Kan Wall Lists are mutually exclusive with Battle Wagons? :(
Well, the thing about Kan Hordes is that they're going to be moving rather slowly. If you put your mek in a BW and speed him away from the Kans, then the Kans will lose their cover save. However, they're certainly hardy enough to shrug off most small-arms fire, so you should be able to get away with this. I don't think you should get rid of the kans entirely, as the Grotzookas make them great at anti-infantry, while their DCCW's will let them open up vehicles nicely. Just maybe reevaluate what you want them to do on the field.

What if I put a small unit of nob bikers with the warboss? That might help him live longer?
This will definitely help his survivability. a lone warboss on a bike is a big target. Give him some friends to spread the shots around with, + a painboy!

I agree that you should drop or beef up the Kommandos. I don't think they're all that viable at that squad size.

Also, I'd recommend buying at least 1 big shoota for your wagon, so it isn't wiped out by a single "weapon destroyed" result. Your BW will be your opponent's primary target, methinks.
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