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First off, I love the models and the iconography of the Blood Angels and decided that I might go ahead with a list which would do a few things for me.

I love fast/ mobile armies.. usually in a traditional "fire" style (fast and hard hitting) or "water" style (high mobility, reacting and shifting to the opponent). The two armies I have at the moment are Eldar and White Scars, and the way I play them reflect the previously mentioned play styles.

I also have been really getting more and more into putting more finer detail into my painting and enjoying the overall experience.

This all lead me to check out the Blood Angel codex. The new models and the great paint job shown off in the codex really got me hooked.

Not to drag this on further then it needs to be, here is the list.


Sanguinary Guard (PF, Chapter Banner) 240
Sanguinary Guard (PF) 210
10 Assault Marines ( 2 MG, PF, MB) 240

Furioso Dread (Extra Armor, Blood Talons, HF, Drop Pod) 185
Sanguinary Priest (Jump Pack, PF) 100

Baal Pred (HB Spons) 145
Baal Pred (HB Spons) 145

Sticking Dante with the Guard unit that has the banner and the Priest runs with the other Guard unit.
Depending on whats going on in the game, I can alpha strike a large target with my dread and cross my fingers.
Use the preds to move into position early (fast scouting is great) and use them for anti horde/ poping light tanks and transports.
Everything else comes in via DoA.

I know its more of a glass canon list, but I don't mind playing delicate armies. Besides I think this army would be kick ass to paint and have on the table.

Please let me know what you think.
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