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[1500] BA mech list

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I was thinking about a blood angels mech army and wishing some help with the design.

The list is:
HQ: 1 x librarians with blood lance + sanguinius shield. 100 points
3 x tactic squat. 5 space marines each one. Razorback with linked assault canons. 164 points each set.
3 x predator baal. Heavy bolters like sponsor weapons. 145 each one.
3 x vindicator. 145 each one.

So we have:
* 15 tac marines.
* 6 13armour vehicles
* 3 demolisher canons
* 6 asault canons
* 6 heavy bolters at sponsors
* 1 librarian to protect or attack.
* 28 points left

Options I am pondering:
* Another librarian
* 1 less vindicator or predator baal
* get points changing razors for rhinos or removing asault canons from them.
* one or two sanguinary priest...
* change tactic squads for asault squads and some meltas...
* more marines

What do you think?

Ty very much
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yeah change the 5 man tacticals to 5 man assault squads and you're paying 155 for them and the assault cannon razorback. tidy litle saving there then ain't it :)

I agree with KAtie with the rifleman dreads as vindicators, even though amazingly powerful now with the fast rule, are serious targets and will get knocked early, usually by something that gets close up from my experience too like melta rhino squads, assautl cannons and maybe the odd lazerback. They can all be taken out from basically the get go with autocannons.
well a 5 man assault squad, power fist and meltagun in a razorback with upgraded weapon is 190pts. could go with assault cannons to keep the close range style going ad maybe one squad, bare bones assault squad in a lascannon razorback. This unit can hold back, hold any objective in your deployment zone and with a twin linked shot from a lascannon be pretty effective agaisnt enemy tanks too.

the vindicator is good so long as you use it to take out units that aren't near your own units. I field one often enough and I weaken enemy units with it well before the assault then when my guys are too clase I aim it at other units like held back heavy weapons etc. with the fast rule they can do that pretty effectively. just a matter of prioritising targets with them without risking your own guys :)
powerfist mainly because the current standard in gaming is mechanized and power weapons do nothing against them. fists double your str so you're good for assaulting them, if an IC attacks that squad there's a good chance that the fist can instant kill him too.
Infernus pistols are good but I find they are much too expensive for the 1-2 shots in the game you'd get off with them. Personal taste really if you'd prefer to have infernus pistol and power weapon then go ahead. Not a bad option in all honesty.

the spare 25 pts I'd use to upgrade 2 fists to hammers and then maybe extra armour on another vehicle??
Also I don't recommend you to drop sponsons from Baals. Yes, there is another holywar about it, but IMHO 12" move may seem nice, but Baal with sponsons unleashes hell when it shoots, and Baal with only basic turret, well, it kills 3 or 4 orks per turn and moves fast. Cool, yes, but not cool enough
It's all about how it's played, if it's meant to run up and keep pace with the other fast things in the army then no sponsons would be good, if it's meant to hold back a little and take out as many enemies as possible then sponsons work...
oh yeah It's all up to the others opinion I was just explaining the other side of it :). but you make a very good point The scout move you wouldn't really need to move the tank the full 12". if you have the points the go for it.
well if you have units moving up in transports, like razorback squads, land raiders, rhinos or ravens if they get crew stunned they're not gonna move the next turn and that's a problem for you as the unit inside is no longer moving up. the extra armour allows that unit to still move, whether it;s closer to the enemy to unload the payload of marines inside or to get to cover to get a good shooting position the next turn.

but that's just how I see it. I try and add it if possible but I usually go for other things like power weapons etc.
1 - 7 of 26 Posts
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