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[1500] BA mech list

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I was thinking about a blood angels mech army and wishing some help with the design.

The list is:
HQ: 1 x librarians with blood lance + sanguinius shield. 100 points
3 x tactic squat. 5 space marines each one. Razorback with linked assault canons. 164 points each set.
3 x predator baal. Heavy bolters like sponsor weapons. 145 each one.
3 x vindicator. 145 each one.

So we have:
* 15 tac marines.
* 6 13armour vehicles
* 3 demolisher canons
* 6 asault canons
* 6 heavy bolters at sponsors
* 1 librarian to protect or attack.
* 28 points left

Options I am pondering:
* Another librarian
* 1 less vindicator or predator baal
* get points changing razors for rhinos or removing asault canons from them.
* one or two sanguinary priest...
* change tactic squads for asault squads and some meltas...
* more marines

What do you think?

Ty very much
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So all this no-vindicators thing is just because asault squads are a better option than tactical squads and so you quit vindis because you do not want to bombard these asault squads?
Assault squads instead of tacticals since they have more attacks, get cheaper transports and you weren't using tacticals' special weapons anyway.
Vindicators may be fine with assault squads - if they arrive by Razorbacks. So you may throw pie plates when your boys get into position. But, if you use JP and DoA - thery are already there, so Vindicators are too dangerous to use.

Curiosity: Is there any good combination to use in the same army vindicators and baals?? :O
They are fine together - just be sure you don't kill your own assault units.

And, btw, with so many heavy support I'd suggest you to play all-mech - so your army don't arrive piecemeal with your assault units already there and tanks and dreadnoughts stuck in the reserve.

Hope this helps.
Get yourself a Sanguinary Priest or two for your assault squads (he's the best choice to occupy sixth place in the Razorback). Two Furious Charge/Feel No Pain bubbles is just what you need your assault marines to really start shining.
May I be called a heretic, but with so many assault cannons in the list I'd say two priests are better choice than one of Vindicators (or Riflemen).

Btw, except for Vindi and Dread there is also AC+las sponson Predator as heavy support (oh yes, there is another holywar about what's better and what's more BA way about this tank :wink:)
* librarian: 100
* 2 x sanguinary priest: 2 x 50 = 100
* 3 x assault squad. Each one with 1 powerfist + 1 meltagun + assault canon razorback. 190 x 3 = 570.
* 3 x predator baal + heavy bolter sponsors. 145 X 3 = 435
* 2 x AC/2LAS Preds, 135 x 2 = 270

Total: 1475
Maybe there are some lists like this one around, but I'd still say it's lovely and is exactly what tank-hevay BA list should look at this point limit.

1) You've got six (!) Twin-Linked Assault Cannons and 2 ac/las preds. May I be called a heretic, but if you had to kill tanks with this many powerfists, something has gone completely wrong. Also, if you save some on powerfists, you may take some Infernus pistols, giving you a lot of "melta" shots from the assault distance.

2) What powers are you planning for the librarian? If there is Sanguine Sword between them, one of the squads have its high-strength CC attacks.

3) I'd suggest you to dedicate one squad to horde duty: PW + flamer + hand flamer would bring someone much pain. Enough antitank around the list already.

4) There are issues around this, but still I think Priests should carry power weapons. Yes, they are 1-wound IC without Invul save, but with FC and PW they have a good chanse to swing and kill a couple of MEQ before they are singled out, paying back some of the points and improving your total assault result (every wound is important with only six guys attacking). And with only FC - orks would still be killed, but something more serious - depends on luck.

5) If you have 5 spare points, take one thunder hammer for the sake of lowering some tough MC's initiative.

Actually, all or my comments are just hair-splitting, the list's great. Best of luck.
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Like writen earlier, there are 25 spare points and some aditionals could be recovered from a heavy bolter sponsor, a power fists (changing it for something else).

With these points you can upgrade powerfists to thunder hammers, pick some aditional power weapons and/or buy some vehicle upgrades like bulldozers. Maybe convert the librarian to epistolary.
Actually, I didn't mean dropping special CC weapon completely. 5-men squads need some wounds with no armor save.
I've just meant "downgrading" PF to PW, saving some points. If you would take S10 Libby power, you may just well swap 2 powerfists to power weapons, buy Infernus pistol and upgrade remaining PF to Thunder hammer for the freed points.

Also I don't recommend you to drop sponsons from Baals. Yes, there is another holywar about it, but IMHO 12" move may seem nice, but Baal with sponsons unleashes hell when it shoots, and Baal with only basic turret, well, it kills 3 or 4 orks per turn and moves fast. Cool, yes, but not cool enough.
It's all about how it's played, if it's meant to run up and keep pace with the other fast things in the army then no sponsons would be good, if it's meant to hold back a little and take out as many enemies as possible then sponsons work...
Definitely it's up to playstyle. But there was IMHO in my phrase somewhere and I'm just a big fan of 10-shots-per-turn-tank. And scout move allows Baal to be at the position and killing thing already (while the rest of the army is fast moving there).
how many power weapons are a good quantity?
The more - the better! :victory: Lack of powerfists may be a problem when dealing with Monster Creatures, but - you pack a lot of TL assault cannons in the list so IMHO you should be fine.

25 spare points + 3 powerfists
I'd advise you to make:

25pts + 3*PF + 1*melta = 2*PW (sarges) + 2*PW (priests) + TH (sarge) + hand flamer (sarge) + 1*flamer + 5pts. Gives you multiple power weapons and a single antihorde squad.


25pts + 3*PF = 2*PW (sarges) + 2*PW (priests) + PF (sarge) + infernus (sarge). Same amount of power weapons and extra melta bite in one of your squads.
* lance: can hit multiple targets, but at close range. Good for all type of targets. You can fire it from inside the razorback if I am not wrong.
I'd say you're wrong. No fire points == no psychic SHOOTING attacks. And there's enough guns in your list, IMHO. Plus without the surprise of Deep Strike attack you're unlikely to hit IG tanks arranged in the row - enemy will know Libby's coming in the Razorback and won't give you the chance for multi-kill. Most likely, at least.

* power of heroes: could be use to give attacks to the power weapon or thunder hammer.
* sword: strength 10 close combat hits... Not combinable with insta-kill psychic weapon power.
If libby goes together with TH squad, "Might of heroes" may work. But if you take "Sanguine sword and" run him separately, you'll have 2 high-S CC units on the field. By the way, 4 WS5 S10 attacks ARE Instant Death for most models.

* torment: anti horde?? tactical advantage??
* wrath: repeat to hit at close combat but not vs vehicles. Not combinable with insta-kill psychic weapon power.
If the first was "Shackle soul" (Ld test to do anything), I'm not sure about it. Many high-Ld units around so usage is limited at best. Marines will just laugh at it.
"Unleash rage" would again be better used if you run Libby and TH Sarge together (maxed damage).

P.S. Take meltabombs for 5pts you have.

P.P.S. Good hunting!
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