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Hi there, I have all but finished and painted my 1500pt list, it is not 100% competitive, some of the units I am using are for fun because i like the models. But no matter how hard I try I seem to be left over with 30-40 points... Not sure what to do with them? Here is what I have so far:


Farseer with Singing Spear
Autarch on jetbike (power weapon and fusion blaster)


6 Jetbikes with x2 SC
6 Jetbikes with x2 SC
10 DA (exarch has power weapon and shimmer shield)
- Wave Serpent with twin SL and SC, holo field


6 Banshees (exarch as executioner)
- Falcon with SL, SC and holo field

3 Vypers with SL and SC
5 Warp Spiders inc. Exarch

Fire prism with Holo Field

With the spare points I'm pondering 3 options...

1. give the fire prism and falcon a crystal matrix.
2. Add a Warlock to the DA squad
3. Get 1 Heavy Support Platform...


4. An option I haven't thought of yet?

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Option 4? Mantle of the Laughing God on the Autarch.
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