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>> I know the mighty 13th can only have Fangs as heavy, but would people reccomend 2 units of fangs, or 1 with all other pts spent on other choices? Will be playing against World Eaters with one of those spindly legged beast things, The one with the big gun. 2000pt game.

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Um if he has indirect fire on it you might not ever see it with Long Fangs.

I would go for alot of bikes some with meltas, spread them out keep them boosting and lead the frothing nutters away from the Defiler, then slow down and blast it a new one.

Man I play both of these armies, thats a game I would like to see, its gonna well messy.

Got a list you are thinking of?

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As Csh said this is going to be both a tough and very interesting battle!

Two squads focussed on 2 different opjectives should do the trick.

Either a heavy duty long range skill squad or an advanced meltagunsquad. You could possible even use a melta squad
to take out the defiler and a plasma squad to get some chaos
marine kills. Although this would probably be risky with the often
suprisingly fast world eaters.
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