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Space marines ( 13th Legion/ Ultramarines chapter), tyranids, Drukhari, Custodes, SoS,
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Hi all,

Im currently taking place in a local league competition and am using the following army:

HQ- Chief Librarian Tigurius -165pts

Troop (x2)- 10x Tactical Squad with Veteran Sgt
Assitional: Plasma gun, Heavy Bolter
Ded. Transport: Rhino - 420pts

Troop: 8 man scout squad with Vet. Sgt
Additional: Heavy Bolter (hellfire shells) 4x Sniper rifles, 1x Shotgun- 115pts

Fast Attack: Stormtalon Gunship with Skyhammer Missile Launcher- 125pts

Heavy Support: Techmarine with Thunderfire Cannon- 100pts

Heavy Support: Vindicator - 125pts

Heavy Support: Stormraven Gunship: with T/L Assualt cannon and T/L multi-melta- 200pts

Fortification: Aegis DL and Quad gun: 100pts

Total: 1350pts

As you can see, thats a lot of dakka right there. So far it has work pretty wel against both horde armies ( orks didnt make it to my DL whatsoever :) ) and specialist character forces (E.G. Dark Eldar)

I was a tad concerned when facing tyranids, but was successful in holding back the tide in a practice game I had when tweaking the list.

My general idea was to make a firing line, fortify ruins to hide my squads in (can't beat a 3+ cover save lol) and pie plate the enemy into dust. Along with harrassment from the skies and air cover from the quad gun it seems to be working a treat.

I havent had an opponent make it through the line yet, so if they did I can assume its game over lol At present though, both vindicator and Thunderfire cannon have been cash cows in terms of kill rates lol

What is everyone's opinion on this setup?

I am looking at taking elements of this force and playing an escalation game with IG allies and a SH tank (possibly stormsword?) Any opinions and criticism will be gratefully accepted :good:

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