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Against Terminators I'd say your problem is that you're taking a ton of AP3 weaponry and almost as few models as they to try and win.

Reclusiarch- terminator armour, storm bolter
Terminator armour takes away your ability to Sweeping Advance, stock with a Power Fist is the only upgrade this guy ever really needs (unless you're running a Jump squad, then obviously a JP is in order).

10 man death company squad- x4 power swords
Can't hate on weight of attacks. Can say that, after throwing them at Warp Talons and Nemesis Falchions alike, they spontaneously combust if they face anything that attacks at the same time as them with AP3. Sure, whatever they charged is dead, but so are they. Worse, they may be stuck in combat without all their benefits against a unit with 2+ armour saves. Not to mention if your weight of attacks fails to take down TEQ their typical S8 I1 attacks will deny you both your armour save and FnP. If I did put Power Weapons into the squad, they'd be Axes to drive home AP2 wounds at the tail end of combat. Otherwise I'd settle on 50 attacks on the charge (if they get it off whole) without upgrades to do my bidding.

Land raider redeemer- multi melta
Not going to do you much against Terminators. If you're close enough to use your Flamers, they still get armour saves (that they will likely make) then charge you with their typically more than capable anti-tank capabilities. Good strong Assault vehicle, but I would actually be more tempted - and this is about the only time I'm going to say this - to take a Crusader instead for the increased capacity and more shots at close range...but more so than that I would suggest a Drop Pod for them.

x2 Death company dreadnoughts- x2 blood talons/fists depending, heavy flamer
The BTs won't do much against TEQ, I've gotten lucky a few times with mine but have since stopped trying. I'd play a DC dread with Fists, or Fragiosos against 2+. The latter due to their 2x template Rending weapon compounded with AV13 and the ability to do something the turn they arrive from DS.

There's 205pts left I can't think of what to do with
What if you tried dropping the LRR and putting the DC in a Pod, and adding Astorath and a smaller unit of Jump DC? Something along the lines of:


Chaplain - PF

9x DC - 2x Axes, DP

5x DC - JPs, PF, Lemartez (and Astorath for much smashi-ness)

DC Dread - Fists, DP

DC Dread - Fists, DP

Comes out to 1250 bang on. Still super thin but it's got a few more models, some more speed, a lot more AP2 in CC, and you get Lemartez and Astorath in the same squad.

Lots and lots of dakka for terminators. Just load them up on armor saves. They will fail them.
This is pretty much it though.
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