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So I sat down to try to rectify the problem that everyone seems to fielding all the terminators at their disposal... Even orks... Esspeacially after the grey knights are now the grey terminators :threaten:

But I got side tracked with death company dreads 6 strength 7 AP3 shred attacks+ MOAR on the charge...
And how cool dreadnoughts are IMO...
So I wrote this... It doesn't solve the origanel problem at all... Unless maybe you give the dreads fists...

Any way...

Reclusiarch- terminator armour, storm bolter
Rides with death company

10 man death company squad- x4 power swords
Rides in redeemer

Land raider redeemer- multi melta

x2 Death company dreadnoughts- x2 blood talons/fists depending, heavy flamer
x2 drop pods

Any good? There's 205pts left I can't think of what to do with
I though a third drop pod some how to get the dreads all in first turn, or maybe a vindicator to drop pie plates?

Also, anyone got a solution to my origanel problem? Of terminator galour?

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This ls wasn't really meant to deal with the termie problem because I know that throwing power armoured melee at them will achieve bugger all!
That's why my assaults don't see much slaughter anymore... I sometimes even combat squad them and sit in objectives against grey knights... It's a waste of half my army though :(

Any way, I never saw the attraction go taking jump pack death company, their WAAY to expensive to get packs, and 1 jp/dc costs about the same as 2 jp/am, which would mean more hitting power and more durability...

I wish you didn't NEED death company to take the dread... Hopefully that'll be out when we finnaly get some love :(
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