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Greetings, Brothers!

A couple of pictures (read; a picture :() but only ones taken for the event by the Warhammer World team, so this might read more like a train of thought than a coherent report. My list:

Ezekiel (He rolled once on Divination and once on Telepathy in each game, and ended up with atrocious rolls and swapping out for Primaris every time - Dominate and Scrier's Gaze twice, Forewarning (the Overwatch one) and Mental Fortitude the last game :/)
Command Squad with Apothecary, 2 Plasma Guns and 2 Meltaguns in a Razorback with Lascannon/Plasma Guns
Deathwing Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon
Tactical Squad with Lascannon and Plasma Gun in Rhino
Tactical Squad with Flamer and Multi-Melta in Rhino
Devastator Squad with 4 Missile Launchers
Aegis Defence Line with Quad-Gun

Other lists pretty rough, not 100% sure on specific wargear.

Game 1: Dawn of War, The Emperor's Will vs. Dualwing
Belial with Sword of Silence
5 Deathwing Terminators with Assault Cannon, 2 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields
5 Deathwing Terminators with Assault Cannon, 2 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields
5 Deathwing Terminators with Cyclone Missile Launcher, 2 Thunder Hammers/Storm Shields
Scout Squad with Camo-Cloaks, Sniper Rifles and Missile Launcher
Ravenwing Attack Squadron with Veteran Sergeant and Plasma Gun
Ravenwing Attack Squadron with Veteran Sergeant and Plasma Gun

So, there's a big building and a woods in my deployment, a bastion in the centre, a big building and a smaller building in his deployment zone, all LOS blockers (no windows). Damn. The Aegis goes in a long line in my deployment, linking the forest to the ruin with a nice big 4+ cover save. Well, he wins the roll-off and deploys his bikes in roughly the centre of the board - one is blocked from my forces by the Bastion, the other is in the fire lane from my Devastators but he's got Scout so I figure it's a non-issue. I Combat Squad all of my Tacticals, and put the Heavy Weapon squads in the building. Devastators go behind the Aegis with the Sergeant on the Quad-Gun. Scouts Infiltrate behind the Bastion, out of LOS of everyone, while the Ravenwing scout pretty much directly forwards 12". Night Fight kicks in and off we go.

His turn one is uneventful - bikes turbo-boost very close to my lines (>12") and I wonder what he's up to - he's parked himself in front of an awful lot of firepower, so I ponder his plans - the Deathwing aren't here yet, but since Deathwing Assaults happen on turn 2, I figure that must be the case and that you wouldn't just forget to place 950pts of army on the board. He confirms my suspicion and says, yes, indeed his Deathwing are arriving turn 2.

My turn 1, the Deathwing arrive next to the Scouts - about 9" behind them, in open ground, and of course since they were relying on the lack of LOS to protect them they're also in the open. Oh dear. Ezekiel Presciences his squad, hops out, and prepares to gun down one of the Attack Squadrons. The 2 Combat Squads in Rhinos get out next to the other Ravenwing. Ezekiel's Psychic Shriek wipes a squad before they can fire, the Plasma Gun combat squad and Plasback wipe the other, and the Terminators clean out the Scouts with a TL Assault Cannon and a mighty 7 Storm Bolter wounds.

A surprising, and swift victory in round 1, turn 1. Looking good!

Game 2: Hammer and Anvil, Crusade (5 Objectives) vs. Deathwing
Belial with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
5 Deathwing Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
5 Deathwing Terminators with Lightning Claws
5 Deathwing Terminators with Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought in Drop Pod with 2 Twin-Linked Autocannons and Deathwing Vehicle
Devastator Squad with 2 Missile Launchers and 2 Lascannons

Big ruin at the edge of his deployment, equally large ruin in the same position in mine, and another brick of a ruin betwixt the two. Forests dotted around the place, nowhere particularly important. The Aegis forms a fortress from the wall of my ruin to the base of a hill and then across to a woods - an L shape, if his forces are coming from here: -> L with an objective behind. He deploys first, putting the Devastators in the ruin with an objective, and the Claw Terminators and basic Terminators in front while his other objectives go in the central ruin and a woods far away from action. O...kay, I think I get it. My Devastators and the Lascannon combat squad go in my ruin with an objective, the Multi-Melta guys go behind the Aegis Line, couple of guys in the woods, one manning the Aegis. The tanks put their asses facing the ruin to stop that pesky Venerable Rifleman. No Night Fighting, no Seize.

His turn one, the Hammernators appear in my Aegis, on the objective! The Rifleman arrives, gets out the Pod, and Immobilises the Razorback but extends itself too close into my labyrinth of Rhino hulls with it's Disembark move. In my turn, the Deathwing arrive just behind my Aegis fortress about 4" from a board edge. Combat squads disembark and run behind the Venerable, while Ezekiel's squad jumps out with Prescience and looks menacing in Rapid-Fire range of the Hammernators. A Plasma Gun, 2 thrown Krak Grenades, and a Lascannon bolt take down the Venerable without a problem, while a combination of Twin-Linked Plasma Guns, Meltaguns, Frag Missiles and Storm Bolters take down 3 Hammernators (yay!). That's it for my turn, and his second is much the same as his first - footslogging Terminators in Hammer and Anvil is drearily predictable. Devastators drop a Terminator. Belial and co. charge my Command Squad, who take down a Hammernator in combat but lose 3 of their number including the Apothecary.

My turn 2, the 5-man combat squad with Flamer charges in to save my Command Squad, while everything else gears up to shoot Claw Terminators. The Multi-Melta Tacticals kill the Drop Pod, and a Lightning Claw Terminator goes down to the PLasback. Combat continues with me killing a Terminator and Ezekiel smacking Belial in the face with a Force Weapon, instagibbing him. Combat continues as 1 more Command Squad member goes down.

Ultramarine Deathwing.jpg

His turn, stuff moves, Devastators drop 2 Terminators. Hammernator Sergeant survives, whiffs his attacks. My turn, 2 more Lightning Claws die to Missiles, Plasma Bolts and Quad-Gun shells. I charge in another 5-man squad, Hammernator Sergeant still doesn't go down, does nothing.

His turn 4, the 2 remaining Lightning Claw Terminators move up (just another 15" to go). Shootynators get into position in the ruin so that they can finally draw LOS... with 1 Storm Bolter. But they do have the objective, at least. Devastators drop all but 1 Terminator. Hammernator Sergeant survives, AGAIN, kills the last Command Squad member. The PLasback opens up and wipe out the Claw Terminators. Quad-Gun kills a Missile Launcher and a Lascannon Devastator, my Devastators kill his Devastator Sergeant. I charge my last Terminator into the combat, who misses three times and dies.

His turn 5, no Night Fight. Devastators do nothing. Terminator Sergeant survives my attacks, kills Ezekiel. I hold. My turn 5, I charge my last Combat Squad into combat (2 were in combat, one was on an objective in the ruins). Terminator Sergeant survives all attacks, kills a dude. Game continues.

His turn 6, Devastators do nothing (no targets, everything engaged!), Terminators rattle off 2 Storm Bolter shots at my Tacticals in the ruin, doing nothing. Combat finally ends as I get a decent roll and he finally fails a save. I consolidate onto an Objective and as it's 9-4, we decide to call it (I had 2 Objectives, Slay the Warlord, First Blood, and The Hunt, he had Slay the Warlord and an objective).

Game 3: Vanguard Strike, Purge the Alien vs. Space Marine Rainbow
Cato Sicarius
Tactical Squad with Flamer and Missile Launcher in Rhino
Tactical Squad with Flamer and Heavy Bolter in Rhino
8 Sternguard Veterans with Combi-Melta and Lascannon
2 Stormtalons with Assault Cannons and Lascannons

What is this? I have a hill, a wood, and 2 ruined bricks on my side, a Temple of Skulls in no-man's-land, he has a forest and guess what, another brick. He does a mishmash deployment, with a Whirlwind at the back, some Sternguard in a forest, the Dreadnought behind the Temple of Skulls, a Rhino of Tacticals behind the other brick. My Rhinos/Razorbacks (no Combat Squadding now!) go next to the brick nearest my table edge, and his Tacticals infiltrate into the other brick. Aegis Line and Devastators dominating a hill in my corner, near the brick into which the Tacticals infiltrated (about 12", in fact). Night Fight, no Seize.

His first turn, he does nothing. Really, nothing happens - couple of snap-shots from Heavy Weapons that he needed to redeploy. Dreadnought walks hopefully towards my tanks, but is way to far away. My turn 1, Terminators come down next to the infiltrated Tacticals, the armoured spearhead speeds forwards into the cover of his brick - one Rhino visible, which I'll regret later. Ezekiel's men get out, Meltaguns and Plasma Guns into his Rhino but only stripping two Hull Points, Immobilise and Weapon Destroyed. Drat. Terminators bring down 2 Marines.

Stormtalons arrive, one central in LOS and at about maximum range of my Quad-Gun (but maximum range is still in range :D), the other zooms behind the brick so it can help the Tacticals out against the Terminators. Sternguard advance laterally to help out the Tacticals in their Rhino. The Dreadnought follows suit. Interceptor Fire causes the Talon I can shoot to Vector Lock and Stun (I didn't know they were 2HP, we found out later and decided it wasn't worth changing how the game had gone). The Stunned, Evading Stormtalon manages to hit my Rhino out of cover with it's Lascannons, against the odds. That causes and Explodes, killing 3 Marines, combined with a Whirlwind Barrage killing one, and causing Leadership making them run 11" off the board. Fuck. The other one unloads stuff into the Terminators, but I need 2 armours and an invuln. No sweat, and it bounces off. However, my arrogance comes back and bites me in the ass as 14 Bolter shots kill 2 of my precious Deathwing.

My turn 2, the Multi-Melta-wielding Tactical leans out of the top hatch and kills the Ultramarine Rhino, which explodes and kills 2 Marines inside. The Command Squad's plasma and melta fire combined with a Psychic Shriek reduces the squad to 2 dudes, who are fired upon by the PLasback and killed. The Terminators use their Split Fire, and score an incredible 3 hits on the Talon, wrecking it. Devastators fire their Krak Missiles into the air and hit the other Talon once (the one that should be dead if we knew how many HP it had), blowing it out of the sky. Terminators charge the Tacticals and kill a couple.

His turn 3, Sternguard advance (Lascannon stays still), as does the Dreadnought. Unfortunately, the Dread's march bring it slap bang into my Devastators' fire lane. The Sternguard can see 4 Command Squad members in cover, but go for the Razorback instead, missing.

My turn, the Dread goes boom from the Quad-Gun and Missile fire. The PLasback advances and the Tacticals disembark from their Rhino. They advance into the brick ruin. The Command Squad unload into the Sternguard, killing 4 but leaving Sicarius unharmed. Terminators punch down a Tactical.

His turn 4, Sicarius splits off the Sternguard squad, who shoot the Razorback... and miss, again. The Whirlwind misses, and Sicarius charges the Command Squad. Ezekiel accepts the Challenge, Sicarius uses
Coup De Grace but misses, as I bounce off his Artificer Armour.

My turn 4, PLasback and Tacticals reduce the Sternguard to 1 man, as Sicarius misses his Coup De Grave again. Ezekiel takes full advantage and shoves Traitor's Bane into the opening. One psychic test later, I get 3 Victory Points in one fell swoop. The Terminators punch down a couple Tacticals, and without the benefit of Rites of Battle the lone Sergeant legs it. At this point, we called it, but for completeness' sake we continued until the Whirlwind was Immobilised and Weapon Destroyed and everything else was wiped off the table.

Overall, a 3-0 Victory with 2 Fallen successfully brought to justice and one mysteriously disappearing... I dislike the amount of LOS-blocking terrain, I think that a few smaller ruins would have done the tables good.


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From each of the battles it would seem as though the quad gun and aegis made the point investment back and proved a very useful tool. I believe that might be the push to get my own :)

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I was uncertain, and only got it due to an unstoppable Heldrake in the local meta. Since then I've never looked back and found it to be a hugely useful tool (it's nice for turning losses into draws by going to ground on an objective or getting Night Fighting in the last few turns, FORCING your opponent to assault you to get the objective).

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