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I've been playing for a bit, and have learned a little from the horrendous failure of my previous list, something like 6 to 1 against the ork start collecting painmob.

So, here I am again with something like a second attempt, and a few more models.


-Company command squad: 102 pts
commander w/ power sword & bolt pistol and camo
vets with sniper rifles and carapace.


-Infantry Platoon:
389 pts

-Platoon command squad: 31 pts
Platoon commander gets a bolt pistol, the rest of the squad is CCWs and laspistols

-Infantry squads: 56 pts (2x)
Sargent gets a bolter, one guardsmen per squad gets a flamer

-Infantry squad w/ commisar: 81 pts
Squad set up same as above.

-Heavy weapons squad: 75 pts
3x autocannons

-Heavy weapons squad: 90 pts
3x missile launchers

-Veterans: 196 pts
Sargent has a bolt pistol and Chainsword, six vets have shotgun, three vets have meltas.
Grenadiers Doctrine. Chimera to ride in, kitted with multilaser turret, hull bolter, pintle stubber,
camo and dozer blade.

Fast Attack

Armored Sentinel Squadron: 90pts
Two sentinels with autocannons, nothing special.

Heavy Support

-Leman Russ Squadron: 150 pts (x2)
Two battle tanks with hull bolters, running separately.

-Manticore: 170 pts

I think the bump to 1500 will see a second vet squad kitted pretty much the same, and a primaris psyker, but any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

edit: equipment error

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I've been pondering a knight in passing, but the group I'm playing with has a sort of superheavy vehicle/walker nonproliferation pact. I know a couple of players have knight paladins, and another has a couple FW knights, but I haven't seen any on the table yet.

On the topic of Vanquishers, I've thought about them enough that my cannon barrels are magnetized and ready, but almost all the lists I've seen played by the people I play with are Close combat infantry mobs. Also, I'm sort of wanting to break the superheavy pact with a Macharius Vanquisher to accompany them..
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