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1250pt Escilation League..... What Army do I choose??

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Like the Title says, I will be joining a 1250 escilation league at my FLHS starting in September.

It starts at 250pts, then 500pts, etc. until 1250pts and then a final tourny to cap it off.

You get points weekly based on your games as well as painted models.

My question now becomes, which army do I want to play in said league?

Currently I own about 3000 points of Eldar assembled but unpainted. I also own about 6000 points of Space Marines, only about 3000 points assembled and also unpainted. I'm pretty much saying No to the Eldar as I used them in my last Escilation league.

However, I was looking at possibly building a new army for the league since I know the point values and the highest I will need, I can taylor my army list to what I need and only buy the units for that hense saving me some money.

I have thought about building a Necron Army, because I find them easy to paint and easy to make look cool by playing around with the colours of the rods. The downside is that they are an old codex and could be tough to win games against some of the guard armies I most likely will be up against (my FLHS has about 4-5 guard players).

My SM are currently DA. The DA dex is useless compared to Vanilla, so if I used them, I would use the Vanilla dex. I have thought about playing them, but I expect it to be used by other members and would like a change. I then thought about possibly getting some BA but don't really know how I feel about them.

Then there is the option of Deamons. I know they aren't the strongest Dex, but could offer fun matches to play with the whole random coming into play. The new plastics makes it easier for modelling and painting as well.

Armies I'm completely against doing are Guard (because just play against too many as is), Tau (just hate them), Orks (too many models to paint), Nids (again, too many models to paint), Chaos (too similar to SM and if I want Choas I would do Deamons), and Eldar / Dark Eldar because I've had enough of the Space Elves game style.

So unless I missed an army, its either Necrons, Deamons or SM. This rant is getting long, so I will just sum it up, for my situation, which army should I use / start building?

Thanks :biggrin:
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Well, on the competetive side of things you are probably better off with the space marines - but as you've said, you've done a lot of those before.

Personally, I would recommend daemons as they are quite different from space marines. In fact, they are unique among all the armies for their starting deployment etc.

I think you'll have the most fun with Daemons, but competetively - for winning- you'd be better off with Space Marines.
A fully painted fun to play army? :p
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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