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I just bought a tactical squad and in deciding how to build it i decided to throw this around, evaluate the whole list if you will but the primary focus is on the two tactical squads... I'll likey build the plasma gun/multi melta first due in no small part to lack of lascannons :wink:
This was written in battle scribe and cut down to manageable (and legal) content, so apologies for any strangeness
1250 blood Angels

Sanguinary Priest (111pts)- Bolt Pistol, valours edge, Angels wing, Melta bombs
(Flies with the sanguinary gaurd and well... Injects them with various narcotics, I don't judge)

10man Sanguinary Guard Squad (395pts)- 2x fists, 8x swords, chapter banner
(Deep strikes in using the priests wings, and well fucks shit up... In theory)

x2 10man Tactical Squad (420pts)- Multi-melta, Plasma gun
····Rhino (45pts)
(Rides as whole in the rhino, clearing a landing zone for the golden nipples and provides covering fire
5man scout squad (70pts)- 5x snipers, camo cloaks

Heavy Support (260pts)
x2 Vindicator (140pts)- Overcharged engines
( :crazy: need I say more?)

So how's it look? 4pts left because of that pesky priest pistol...
There's a good chance the tacticals will end up bludgeoning their way through some squads if I feel like it :angel:
That sanguinary guard seem a bit vulnerable though, not sure how to fix it though. Also tanks... Very little ranged tank hunting and no anti air :cray:
Any comments, criticsims welcome :)

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Made some changes, namely dropped the lascannon tacticals to be like their more tactical brethren
Drop various trinkets about the list to accommodate the extra rhino
I'm wondering if melta guns would be a better choice on the tacticals... Lest I blow myself up with plasma :(

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I don't have scouts, nor do I have half the stuff in this list. It's more of an 'Aspirational' list I work towards.
I always assumed the chapter banner was +1 leadership but I guess that's command squads ands I should read the rules :p
That's a pretty good point on the plasma, I'll give tweaking a go

EDIT: dropped the dozers and bolters on the vindi's, dropped the Libby and squeezed some scouts in :) as well as giving the priest the Angels wing instead
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