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1250 with militorum allies

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This is mainly for criticism on the militorum side , so here goes :)
This is the first list with the new 'dex, so yeah...
It's a 1250 designed along side my BA, I'll out them in after this list, for referance
The purpose of the list is to whizz over my BAs heads, drop out and give 'em hell! Before either dying gloriously in the name of the emporer or maybe surging to capture objectives and a shameful return home- like wimpy death company :)

Lord commissar- plasma pistol
adds fire to his squad, shouts the precision fire one at them

Veterans- plasma pistol, x3 plasma guns, x6 shotguns, demolitions
hops out, volleys plasma and explosives into the enemy

Valkyrie- lascannon, rocket pods, heavy bolters
flies around, nuking the enemie, maybe pot shotting a tank (their rare around these parts)

Primaris pysker
castes prescience on his squad, not sure if he's needed though, too many eggs in one basket?
That's it, seems sound to me

And their overlords, umm I mean allies...

Librarian- jump pack (would've liked mastery lvl2 but not the points

x2 10man assault squads- x2 melta guns, power fists

Sanguinary preist- jumppack, power sword (shame they FAQed this guy for only BAs eh?)

1225 all included

That leaves me 25pts spare, any ideas?
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I know it's a blood angels list, but I posted it here as I wanted comments on the allies, the blood angels are tried and tested in on the alter of war so I put it here
And in my local meta, the biggest a tank comes is a rhino someone brings I think, it's empty, he just uses it to give away a free kill point... I can't think of any other reason at least, interceptor is even thinner on it's feet, and those did have it, never used it as they got caught up it can't fire next turn, without realising that it effectively has it's shooting sooner, before the enemy can do any damage
I haven't seen the tempestus supplement yet, but the hot shots sound good!

I chose shotguns as I thought they give better weight of fire when up close, which is what I want

And I've toyed with the idea of a command squad, and the vets just seem like a better choice
And I chose The Lord commissar as it said the commissar/pysker/preists don't count as a FOC slot, so I can't take them as my 1 HQ

I'll defiantly look into the tempestus though!
But a command squad takes up 5x the space of a commissar...
And Arnt shotguns strength 4? So they have an easier time wounding, and I won't be firing much over 12" to worry about
Right my bad, I rushed to write this list so assumed gaurd shotguns were the same as smerfs :blush:
And I would really rather not buy 2 Valkyries, the wallets thrown a strop already :p
But I really do appreciate the tempestus idea... That hadn't even crossed my mind
Also if I have 1 Valkyrie, and a squad inside, I can leave room for a stronger blood angels presence, I've compromised them a tad with these guard
This list is what i came up with, it's not the points I want, it's the same 'model presence' for the purpose of dropping down, blasting a unit, hopefully living whilst their taxi service provides covering fire
Over time, this will expand to an entire Elysian style list, slowing sneaking up on my wallet without it noticing...
I don't mean to flat out reject your ideas, and I apologise if I have done so, mono tone speaking isn't my forte so too speak

Edit: creon your first list involving the tempestus looks pretty good to me, brings to bear a lot of AP3 so any tactical sorry devastors will be far easier to deal with, as my assaults do,take a turn or to to advance up sadly
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1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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