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I am knocking around with the idea of using Ravenwing Black Knights as allies for White Scars. I don't like Cents much and they aren't very fluffy. I am not sure how effective they would be though. The list I am currently working on at 1250 is:

Khan + Moondraken

Librarian - Bike, Hunters Eye, ML2

5 Bikes - 2 Grav + Combi-Grav

5 Bikes - 2 Melta + Combi-Melta

5 Scouts - Bolters in Land Speeder Storm

Command Squad - Bikes, 4 Grav, Apothecary


DA Librarian - Bike, Shroud of Heros, Melta Bombs, ML2

5 Scouts - Sniper Rifles, Camo Cloaks

4 Black Knights

The idea is that Khan goes with the Black Knights who are a little less shoots and will benefit from Furious Charge and Hit and Run. The WS Librarian goes with the command squad to take out skimmers, bikes etc and the DA librarian acts as a free agent initially supporting the Black Knights but tough enough to survive on his own. Everyone else goes for objectives and tries not to die.

Any comments welcome.

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I like it a lot. You've mitigated losing Chapter Tactics by allying WS with RW instead of another in-Codex Chapter and have something fun to use I think. The only thing I would change were it my army is to shuffle about some points and take power weapons (or even fists if you get ruthless) on the bike squad sergeants.
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