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1250 pt chaos?

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hey guys, i'm just returning to 40k after a long 9or so year absence, i pulled out all my old CSM and picked up the carnet dex. wish it was sept already so i wouldn't have to learn stuff then relearn it lol. any way i'm really not sure what way to go for my first list, back in the game. heres a quick catalog of what i got and maybe you guys could give me some suggestions?

1- lord termi
1- lord, power armor
1- daemon prince( conversion not yet finished but i like the new models a lot so ill probly pick on up soon ) :D
1- sorc
23 assorted csm, 2 missile, 1 lascannon, 1 hev bolter, 1 autocannon.
13- korne zerkers
14- plague marines (1 melta, 1 plasma)
10- termi (1 squad(5) painted plague marine)
7- bloodletters (9 total but 7 are the oldschool ones)
6- plague bearers
5- hounds
5- raptors
4- obliterators (again these are the OG ones and i like the new ones way better so ill have to pick up a few, but these will have to do in the meantime)
2- dreadnought ( 1 twin las and claw, 1- dual CC with havoc)
1- defiler ( the fist thing i bought so far, i just love the model, but its huge!) with missile.

ok well that all the chaos i got, i just need to figure out how to mass it together into a playable force.
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just have some patience and pick up the new book next month...
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