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Hello, I dont know much about Eldar but from what I do know, I love!

After reading army lists and reading the forums, and reading the codex and made a List...I really dont know if this army works good together or is a complete fail altogether but here it is!

Any Tweeks, Tips, or suggestions are welcomed, you cant learn if no one helps ya!

HQ: (438)

Jet bike Farseer (178)
-Runes of Warding
-Spirit Stones
-Singing Spear

(This Farseer is probably too packed with crap and might get focus'd but everything just sounds to sexy to give up ><)

5x Warlocks with Jet bikes to be with the Farseer (255)
-Singing Spears

Troops: (586)
9x Dire Avengers + Exarch w/ Blade storm and 2x Shuriken Catapults
-Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannon (252)

9x Howling Banshees + Exarch w/ Mirrorswords and War Shout (287)
-Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support: (230)

2x Fire Prisms (230)

Total: 1227 Points

Now I leave this list in the hands of you guys! Please help me!


Edit: I tweeked my list a bit, What do you guys think?

Should I get rid of Dire Avengers for Fire Warriors?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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