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Hello, I dont know much about Eldar but from what I do know, I love!

After reading army lists and reading the forums, and reading the codex and made a List...I really dont know if this army works good together or is a complete fail altogether but here it is!

Any Tweeks, Tips, or suggestions are welcomed, you cant learn if no one helps ya!

HQ: (438)

Jet bike Farseer (178)
-Runes of Warding
-Spirit Stones
-Singing Spear

(This Farseer is probably too packed with crap and might get focus'd but everything just sounds to sexy to give up ><)

5x Warlocks with Jet bikes to be with the Farseer (255)
-Singing Spears

Troops: (586)
9x Dire Avengers + Exarch w/ Blade storm and 2x Shuriken Catapults
-Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannon (252)

9x Howling Banshees + Exarch w/ Mirrorswords and War Shout (287)
-Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannon

Heavy Support: (230)

2x Fire Prisms (230)

Total: 1227 Points

Now I leave this list in the hands of you guys! Please help me!


Edit: I tweeked my list a bit, What do you guys think?

Should I get rid of Dire Avengers for Fire Warriors?

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I wait for the day we'll be able to choose one of the other Aspect warriors to count as troops, but for now, only Dire Avengers fill that role among Aspect warriors.

At this point level, 450 points for an HQ choice is massive. Way too much, imo. I'd stick to just the Farseer on foot, give him Runes of Warding and Doom, stick him with Banshees(which could be smaller in number, really, no need for 10 Banshees at 1250 points, 6 or 7 + Exarch are better cost effective) and watch those razor-armed girls slice through anything not T5+.

For the points you're left after that, put 3 War walkers with shuriken cannons inside and a few jetbikes. Don't have much experience with jetbikes, so someone else might be able to give you more advice on them. P.S. Jetbikes are Eldar troops, so you'd have the 2-troop minimum requisite for your army.

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Your HQ is your only highly capable tank hunting unit... It is very expensive for that job and currently not well suited for any other. Singing Spears cut in on their CC ability, and you lack the Destructors to go horde or infantry hunting.

There is, however, nothing wrong with taking a full squad of banshees at this level. Even with Doom, you can only really expect to go through roughly 8 MEQ. This will likely win you that combat, with minimal casualties in return. With less banshees you can expect more casualties in return and it won't take too many to render the whole squad ineffective. The Farseer being in this squad will help it out quite a bit either way. Mirrorswords need Doom if they are going to out perform the Executioner, which they should until T 5 enemies.

So, all in all, I'd say revamp the Council if you intend to keep it. If not, put the Farseer in with the (Fortune/Doom) Banshees or the (Guide/Doom) Dire Avengers. You will likely need a little bit more help dealing with transports from far off, this isn't a good job for Fire Prisms. If you can pop transports, the Fire Prisms, Banshees, and Dire Avengers can work on the contents. Note also that your transport killing guns are also typically effective against MC's as well.

All that aside, it appears as though you are in need of another troop choice...
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