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the problem with spinners is that they are only really effective against against infantry and only when they are bunched up, which will only be for the first turn if your enemy is smart and sees the spinners. However if your enemies are orks that could be good, but fire prisms would do the same thing with the added ability to tank out their tanks much more reliably with the option of dispersed and focused fire modes.

Warwalkers with sls will make orks cry

The only way to really do autarchs on foot is yriel sadly, but hes a monster he has a singing spear attack that hits on 2+, wounds on 2+ in cc, Ignores armor in cc, can scary eye marines and make them DIEEEEEE

I know this is an autarch list but farseers can really help both banshees and bladestorm das, ill only talk about them if you want though, no reason to if you want to stick to the double autarch

star engines are a lot of fun and very cool but if you're facing a lot of ork then you will already be able to run circles around them so its not as useful, unless you love to torment the greenskins haha (my best friend who introduced me to the hobby plays orks and we play a lot so i know just how to fight them)

The guardian squad is a little small and either keep it in reserve (which would be a shame with the autarch waiting with them) or beef it up a bit so that it can wreak havoc for a better portion of the game

The banshees are good but they really need a farseer to reroll wounds with their small amout of weak attacks, and if youre not to worried about anything but ork you may consider scropions becuase they will do much better in cc against orks with their extra attack and higher str

aaaaaand i might be forgetting stuff but ive written alot for now so if i tihnk of anything ill add that later, good luck in the tourney!
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