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So we had a stupidly huge game of X-Wing today. Lasted from 4.30pm to 11.30pm and we got a surprising amount done!

Rebels were running a very thematic force (my deliberate choice) for post Endor - i.e. Han and Leia and 3PO in the Falcon, Kyle and Jan in the Crow, Luke and R2-D2 in his X-Wing, Wedge and Janson flying in a wing pair etc etc.


Han, Leia, 3PO, Falcon
Lando, Chewbacca, Nien Nunb YT1300
Dash, Leebo, Outrider
Luke, R2
Wedge, Wes and Corran
Kyle, Jan, Crow
Etahn A'Baht
Dutch Vander, Biggs (I know, they die at Yavin, we had to fill points!)
4x Dagger Squadron B-Wings with Ion Cannons and Gunner (!)
4x Green Squadron A-Wings
Cracken and Blount
2x Grey Squadron Y-Wings
Dodonna's Pride Blockade Runner
Jake Farrel and Keyan Farlander


Vader in his x1 Advanced
Boba Fett
Jendon and Kagi Lambda Shuttles
Chiraneau and Kenkirk Decimators
11x TIE Interceptors including Fel, Jax, Lorrir and multiple Royal Guards
14x TIE Fighters, mostly Black Squadrons with VI
Brath and Vessery in Defenders
3x Bombers with Rhymer and Jonus

Basically the left flank (from Rebel point of view) got cut to pieces by massed formation flying TIEs, while the right flank tanked 80% of the damage on the Corvette, which finally flew off the Imperial table edge on about turn 6, with a crippled front section and 1hp remaining on the stern! However the B and Y wings were able to mop up with Etahn's help, and 40pts of A-Wings effectively prevented Jendon and Boba from moving due to bumps for roughly 4 consecutive turns, which was hilarious for me, and somewhat frustrating for Charles (my opponent on that flank) as Boba was parked on a rock, and therefore not shooting...

We call it as a Rebel victory at 11.30pm because I have 4 essentially undamaged Bs, 2 Ys, 3 As and Etahn heading towards something like 2 Interceptors, a Fighter and a Defender, which they'll wipe out in short order and then spend a long time mopping up.

Lesson learned: Put the Corvette in the middle of the table, as the minimum R3 limit on the turbolasers is a bastard, meaning I wasn't doing a whole lot of effective shooting over the course of the game. And don't attack it with TIE fighters, as it auto-evades 1 hit from each attack, meaning you need 2 hits to even cause a single damage.

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