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Souvenirs at ballgames are typically cool hats and commemorative cups. Some souvenirs, however, are a heaping helping of blunt force trauma and a cool scar.

A young fan received the latter of these tokens Sunday after a wicked Cristiano Ronaldo free kick struck him in the wrist during a friendly between Real Madrid and Bournemouth.

The incident was spotted by The Guardian, and it looks nasty to say the least.

Ronaldo lined up his kick in the sixth minute of the contest, sending the ball curling inches over the crossbar and into the arm of 11-year-old Bournemouth fan Charlie Silverwood. Silverwood was sitting in the front row at Dean Court when the rocket from Ronaldo smashed into his wrist, fracturing two bones.

Day ruined, right? Not quite, good sir.

Where most 11-year-olds would squeal for mummy and end up watching the rest of the match from the emergency room, Silverwood soldiered on, staying to watch the remaining 84 minutes of the match—a match his team would lose, 6-0, to the team that just broke his arm.

The young lad may have broken his wrist, but Silverwood refused to tear himself away. Rather, he thought the incident was quite "spectacular."

Silverwood ended up requiring surgery to repair the broken bones, and Ronaldo—in a show of class—sent the young man (not a boy, not anymore) a signed Real Madrid jersey as an apology for the incident.

The jersey was delivered by former Bournemouth standout Steve Fletcher, who handed the autographed souvenir over to a stoic and be-casted Silverwood.


Now that gents is commitment to the sport. It always amazes me how far Football (Soccer) fans are willing to go for the enjoyment of the sport. Anyway comments and thoughts?
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