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1000ptsd Raider Blood Angels

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Sinc ei ahve been playing alot of 1000pts game reantly and finaly got my self a another Landraider i felt that it was a good idea to make a twin Raider list so here is my Blood Angel one.

Libby w/ Hand Flamer - 110pts
10 Assault Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Powerfist - 235pts
10 Assult Marines w/ 2 Flamers, Power sword - 215pts
Land Raider w/ Multi-melta - 225pts
Land Raider Redeemer w/ Multi-melta - 215pts

Total - 1000pts
The libby will be with the Flamer Marines and both Raiders will stay close to each other to use shield of Sanguinius to help defend them and both marines will only disenbark when eaither forced to or in a win/win situation. I will also give the Libby Blood Lance to give him a weapon if his Hand Flamer is out of range.

I also have a normal marine variant but i feel it's not as good but i'll add it below for a little comparison.

Libby - 100pts
10 Marines w/ Meltagun, Multi-melta, Powerfist - 205pts
10 Marines w/ Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Combi-flamer, Melta Bombs - 185pts
Landraider w/ Multi-melta - 260pts
Landraider redeemer w/ Multi-melta - 250pts

Total - 1000pts
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Land Raiders without Extra Armor are asking for trouble. For a BA list like this, I'm gonna say instead of a 2nd RAS, do a Death Company there, all with PS. You can only do six, but they would certainly have a punch!
would not be a good idea as it would diminish his amt. of units able to capture objectives.

DC are Troops, but they cannot capture objectives, IIRC.

Creon does have a valid point about the LR's however, so i'd certainly consider it.

you're relatively well covered on AT at 1K, so why not drop the MM's for extra armor?

good hunting.
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