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HQ-skulltaker- juggernaut 175

Elites- 3 blood crushers-80

Troops-10 bloodletters-160
10 bloodletters-160
10 plauge bearers-150

Heavy Support-daemon prince- MoN-iron hide-daemonic flight -200

what do you think
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It's a good start, but I think it's a little on the slow side...
For starters, I would ditch about 3 PB, they're only there for objectives. With those pts, add cloud of flies and noxious touch to your DP. Personally, I wouldn't use that model in a 1000 pts list because of its cost, but it's your list.
2x10 bloodletters is a bit much in 1000 pts IMHO, I would go with 12. This, plus the 30pts saved on PB, leaves you with 158 pts to spend on shooting and/or fast stuff
Also, 80 pts gets you 2 crushers, not 3. That being said, There are better choices for HQ's then skulltaker, but it al depends on what models you have, and want to have in the future. If you tell us those, we might be able to help you better... Good luck, Nightbringer
Well, that doesn't really narrow it down;), but here goes:
Assuming you have no real preference for a certain HQ and that you're just starting, I'm just gonna post a starter army without slaanesh. I would go for either a GUO or two tzeentch heralds at 1k.
As for troops, you might wanna go with one unit of each in order to get the hang of their rules and playstyle etc (and the new plastic kits aren't that expensive). So:

2 tzeentch heralds (or a GUO with cloud for 165)
chariot, WAL, MoS, bolt

10 bloodletters

10 horrors
changeling, bolt

7 plaguebearers


This gives you 330 to play with. You could go for that nurgle DP you posted earlier (don't forget to add cloud an touch), but if you want a competative list you should add something like 2 soulgrinders with phelgm. It all comes down to personal tastes, however.. Good luck
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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