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1 x Wolf Lord – 125pts
-Wolf Claw

Ulrik the Slayer – 145pts

1 x Venerable Dreadnought – 155pts
-Frost Axe/Blizzard Shield
-Heavy Flamer

10 x Grey Hunters – 203pts
-CCWs (Squad)
-2 x Flamers
-Melta Bombs
-Wolf Guard
--Frost Axe

10 x Blood Claws - 175pts
-Melta Bombs
-Wolf Guard
--Wolf Claws

Fast Attack
3 x Thunderwolf Cavalry – 195pts
-3 x Frost Swords
-Melta Bombs (Squad)

Heavy Support

Constructive criticism/suggestions sought. Looking to make a primarily CC list here, any advice is welcome.


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Seems like a pretty decent list for 1000pts, I'd certainly be wary of facing it.

Just a quick question, is this a CAD or Wolves unleashed FOC? I assume this is WU as you have two HQ units, something which I would say is excessive at this point limit otherwise. I'd be tempted to free up some points for a storm shield for your wolf lord or downgrade the Wolf lord to a Battle leader and get him a storm shield with the free points. You can't get an extra attack for two melee weapons anyway due to the claw, so you might as well give him a better invulnerable save.

Looking through the codex again, I don't think you are able to field a Ven dread with Frost axe and blizzard shield with a heavy flamer. You can swap the storm bolter on the powerfist for a heavy flamer, but you have swapped out the fist for the shield and axe.

I would be tempted to swap the special weapons over, having the Blood claws with the flamers and the grey hunters with melta. The Blood claws BS3 is easily countered with flamers, and going from a 50:50 chance to a 1:3 chance to hit is a big jump.

The frost sword Thunderwolves is something I find intriguing. I am so used to fielding them with storm shields I forget that there is a wider variety of melee weapons out there.

My only other concern is your lack of transport. For a list built for more for combat, there isn't a very easy way of getting you there! I'd try and get squeeze a couple of rhinos into the list to at least carry you up a little way. You are looking at a turn 3 charge at best but at least you have a greater chance of getting up the board with only a few casualties. However, if you are running a wolves unleashed detachment I assume this is deliberate as you have your 50:50 chance of gaining outflank. It is just for the times you don't get this ability.

Just a few thoughts, overall a very nice list!
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