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1000pts Regular Chaos Marines

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In my next matchup I am facing off against a loyalist space marine player who will have a 150 point advantage over me. The only real info I can really plan around is that I know he doesn’t have too many vehicles beside a dreadnaught and a drop pod. So here’s the list I’m thinking about running:

1x Daemon Prince - Wings, MoN, Warptime - 175

4x Terminators – Chain Fist, Power Fist, 2xCombi Weapons - 155

10x CSM - Champion, Power Weapon, Lascannon, Melta, MoS, Rhino - 265

10x CSM - Champion, Power Fist, 2x Flamer, MoS, Rhino - 255

2x Obliterators - 150

Total: 1000

Now I’m kinda limited on models. The only thing I have left over is a land raider, an extra terminator, another rhino, some berserkers, and a defiler, a few extra troops, and all the little extras that those models came with. And for fluff sake I was thinking about making this a Iron Warriors-ish build.

So I’m trying to figure out the weaknesses in the build or issues I might run into. Any Friendly Suggestions would be appreciated.
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Based on what you mentioned, I would drop the termies, drop one of your CSM squad to five marines with a flamer to guard your home objective and take 'Zerkers in a Rhino. You could still paint the army as IW, just say the 'Zerkers are a breach assault force for when defenses crumble.

good hunting.
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