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I don't have many Orks at the moment so I'm trying to make an army to work towards. Here's one so far. I made a 1000 point army then threw an extra 500 points for a 1500 point army... Could some people rate it. I want it to be fun in casual but I by no means want to have my ass handed to me.

Here we go...


Warboss - power klaw, shoota/skorcha kombi weapon, bosspole, attack squig (110 pts)
He's killed a Trygon Prime, a Hive Tyrant and a Dreadnaught. So I'm finding him to be a mainstay in my armies.

Big Mek - kustom force field (85pts)
Cookie cutter bubble shield, nuff said.


20 Ork Boyz - shootas, nob with a power klaw (155 pts)
Warboss goes with this squad giving it the needed bosspole

20 Ork Boyz - shootas, nob with a power klaw and bosspole (160 pts)
Big Mek goes with these for the disposable wounds

20 Ork Boyz - shootas, nob with a power klaw and bosspole (160 pts)
More boyz


9 Lootas - (135 pts)
ranged support

Heavy support

2 Killa kans - 2 grotzookas (90 pts)
Provide cover screen for boyz

2 Killa kans - 2 rokkit launchas (100 pts)
Same as above

Total - 995 points

For the extra 500 points I would add

5 Orks boyz - (30 pts)
Evenly distributed between the 3 units of boyz

1 Killa kan - grotzooka (45 pts)
Goes with grotzooka kan squad1 Killa kan - rokkit launcha (50 pts)
Goes with rokkit launcha kan squad

1 Deffdread - 2 skorchas (85 pts)
Taken as a troops choice

10 Gretchin - 1 runtherd (40pts)
Goes with Big Mek for wounds

10 Gretchin - 1 runtherd (40 pts)
Provides a cover screen for Lootas, if the lootas have cover at the beginning, they join the other squad of grots to form one squad.

8 Kommandoes - boss snikrot, 2 burnas (195 pts)
For sneaking behind enemy line and taking their long range vehicle/infantry

1 extra Loota - (15pts)

Total - 1500 points

Critism is wanted please.

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Looks ok.

Instead of taking the Deff Dread though, i would use the points to invest in Kanz.

1 unit of Gretchin is enough. Go with 19 Gretchin and 1 Runtherd if you want.

Better going with more Boyz rather than Kommandos.

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KoC is right about the gretchins specifically. Gretchins arn't wounds as the mek can be targeted. so make a squad of 19 for 67 points

however, kommandos rock... actually he is right, not in kan wall

more torrps are needed in the 1500 point (so do and the cheese says and get rid of the kommandos)
and right about the dred... kanz are better
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