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So here's the other list... Their wings may be clipped but... Well they have ammunition

Librarian- lvl 2, veritas vitae, force sword, melta bombs, bolt gun
Joins the stern guard, blows mind (literally)

9man Sternguard squad- x2 combi meltas
Unfortunately walks, laying down some dakka (pretty much there to make up the points)

x2 10man tactical squads- melta gun, multi melta - Rhino
Lay down some dakka, camp objectives. Rhinos can shelter the vindicators with turbo boosting in front after they've shot...

x2 vindicators- Storm bolters, dozer blades
KABOOOM :angel:

How's it look? I'm skeptical of the Sternguard but S.Suard wouldn't fit, nor would a build out D.Company or A.Termies so I went with more bolters
Anti air is somewhat lacking... But if they don't wanna come down and fight like a man I'll well... Taunt them
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