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I've just started playing wfb again after a long time out and have just signed up for a campaign in my local GW. It's 1000pts to start with and i think that there are all of the other armies represented so i am trying to find something pretty balanced, at the moment i have:

Grey Seer - 240

Chieftain; BSB, additional hand & Biting blade - 77

40 Clan Rats; Shields, Musician, Standard Bearer & Clawleader - 200

20 Stormvermin; Musician & Fangleader (Chieftain goes here) - 155

4 Rat Ogres + 2 Packmasters - 176

1 Doomwheel - 150: 998

Total: 998

I'm a bit concerned that the Grey takes up too many points and it might be better to just take a warlord and bulk out my infantry... but I'm nervous of not taking any magic... any suggestions would be great :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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