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Got a game coming up tonight, and deciding to go with pure Ravenwing.

Sammy - In Speeder - 205pts

Ravenwing Squad 1 - 3 extra riders, 2 melta guns, power fist, MM Attack Bike - 315pts
Ravenwing Squad 2 - 3 extra riders, 2 melta guns, power sword, MM Attack Bike - 305pts
Ravenwing Support Squad 1 - LS with Heavy Bolter & Assault Cannon - 100pts
Ravenwing Support Squad 2 - LS with Multi Melta & Heavy Flamer - 75pts


My opponent will be Guard or Guard, so I'm expecting to go against a large amount of armor, hence, the load up on melta. If I get first turn, the goal will be to Scout Turbo Boost right up in their face, and either melta down the armor or twin-link bolter down the squads in the open. Sammy and RSS 1 will concentrate all their fire in open squads to lower numbers and the attack bikes and RSS 2 will go for the armor first. If more armor needs to be popped, then the bike squads will do as required.

Any suggestions?
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