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My first list i put some effort into. Going to take this against some Necrons on Sat in a friendly match to improve my noobish skills (I am proxying most of the models) (not specifically made to fight Necrons, just used that Vow for them)

Please Criticize and Comment


Emperor's Champion - 125pt
-Suffer Not the Unclean to Live

Master of Sanctity - 185pt
- 3x Cenobyte Servitors
- Dual Lighting Claws
- Terminator Honors


Venerable Dreadnought - 173pt
- TL Las
- Missile Launcher
- Extra Armor
- Smoke Launchers
- Tank Hunter


Crusader Squad - 240pt
- 10x Initiates with BP/CCW
- 7x Neophytes with BP/CCW

Crusader Squad - 95pt
- 4x Initiates with Bolter
- 1x Initiates with Lascannon

Fast Attack

Assault Marines Squad -188pt
- 5x BP/CCW
- 1x Plas / CCW
- 1x Power Fist
- Meltas

996 Total

Chappy goes with the CC Crusader Squad gives them re-rolls to hit on charge, Chap re-rolls wounds, Cenobytes give +3 to Zeal results and act as Neophytes.

Vow gives extra Strength against the low I Necrons, so against warriors, immortals, tomb spyder etc... i still strike first.

Dunno how to use the Emp Champ. Maybe keep him back with the Shooty Squad just in case or use him as a distraction by himself. Assault marines storm in cause chaos as much as i can. Venerable is fire support.

Tried to make this a cheap (money wise) do-it-all list.

Thanks for looking!

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Hmmm thought this got buried.

I eventually made a entirely new list (actually about 50 o_O).

Its hard to make a 1000 point templar. Everything i made so far got me beat by a Tyranid, Chaos, and Daemon player.

My only wins were a control point game with tyranids at 500pts, and a Necron battle at 1500 (i proxied alot) with a simlar list but with a LRC and 5 Termis. They just ripped through his Warriors and destroyers.

I did recently have a tie with the Necron guy at 1500.

I one-shotted his monolith with a Vindi. :)

But so far no success in a list at 1,000... :(

It always seems the other players has just better units, and rules that come together to whip me...

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What i used to tie the Necron player (but one shotting the Monolith) was..


Troop - 1
1x PF
1x Melta
Rhino, EA, Smoke

Troop - 2 EC rides here
1x PF
1x Melta
Rhino, EA, Smoke

VenDread with AC and ML, EA and Smokes
5x Termi with LC in a LRC

Vindicator, EA, Smoke
Vindicator, EA, Smoke

About 1490 points. Don't have my list with me.

It was dawn of war, 2 control points.

I rush Rhino with EC up to his CP, and keep my other rhino hidden behind building. Move Vindicators up behind cover to keep a eye on my CP.

Dread rushes up side that EC rushed to provide fire support. LRC Stays on EC side in hopes to push all his stuff on the opposite side of the board.

Vindi shoots, Hits, Pens, Explodes the Monolith that warped to the center of the table.

EC takes point and fights off warrior squad. Second warrior squad attacks EC to tie up till end of game. Immortals (i think) warp towards end of game to right on my CP contesting it. Both points contested. Tie.

LRC by the way got held up and blocked by a scarab swarm.. :( almost 500 points completely useless.

The list is basic as i see. I would love to get a Drop Pod list going. Sounds nice and fluffy and fun to play.
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