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What i used to tie the Necron player (but one shotting the Monolith) was..


Troop - 1
1x PF
1x Melta
Rhino, EA, Smoke

Troop - 2 EC rides here
1x PF
1x Melta
Rhino, EA, Smoke

VenDread with AC and ML, EA and Smokes
5x Termi with LC in a LRC

Vindicator, EA, Smoke
Vindicator, EA, Smoke

About 1490 points. Don't have my list with me.

It was dawn of war, 2 control points.

I rush Rhino with EC up to his CP, and keep my other rhino hidden behind building. Move Vindicators up behind cover to keep a eye on my CP.

Dread rushes up side that EC rushed to provide fire support. LRC Stays on EC side in hopes to push all his stuff on the opposite side of the board.

Vindi shoots, Hits, Pens, Explodes the Monolith that warped to the center of the table.

EC takes point and fights off warrior squad. Second warrior squad attacks EC to tie up till end of game. Immortals (i think) warp towards end of game to right on my CP contesting it. Both points contested. Tie.

LRC by the way got held up and blocked by a scarab swarm.. :( almost 500 points completely useless.

The list is basic as i see. I would love to get a Drop Pod list going. Sounds nice and fluffy and fun to play.
A couple of notes:

You've got long range weapons on the Dread, so I assume you're using it for fire support? If so, I'd drop the Ven (The extra armor isn't needed, either). The points are wasted since you're hanging back and sniping. Just find some cover to duck in and out of. You might also think of getting rid of the assault cannon for a multi-melta. Then you can tank hunt with the MM and rain down ordnance with the ML on troops.

I'd also swap the Vindicators for a pair of Predator Destructors (the e/a is also not needed here as meltas don't care about it and will still get inside). Run the Lascannon sponsons if you've got the points, the cannons if not. You can put them at either end or the table on deployment to provide suppressing fire (and by setting up in the corners you can get shots at side armor in the middle of the table).

You'd also be doing yourself a favor by at least getting an assault cannon on one of your Terms. They are made for it and you can take on armor or troops with it, both with devastating results to your opponent.

I've been playing BT's for a bit, but YMMV. I have a 2K list I posted today on here for review you might take a look at.
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