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195- maugen-ra Cool
150- farseer w/ doom, fortune, guide, spirit stones Too many toys, trim the fat for other stuff.....
177- x5 dark reapers w/exarch-tempest launcher, carck shot
177- x5 dark reapers w/exarch-tempest launcher, carck shot No problem with two units as long as you can keep them from getting too mauch return fire, or becoming Assault Magnets - fast enemy will run them down.
177- x10 dire avenger w/exarch- pw,shimmershield, defend, bladestorm Nice to add protection to your army; but an anti-tank guardian squad might serve you better.
178- x15 guardians w/scatter llaser, warlock w/ conceal, singing spear EML or BL would be better for anti-tank, etc.

Your army overall has some good ideas, loads of Anti-power-armour shooting and some "Holding/Staying" power; but you lack in any true assault (although you may not need it), no armour control, and your HQ's seam to be overly tasked to the point that a smart opponent will figure out ways to limit their use and shut you down. (Range-Snipe, etc.)

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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